Project based learning through reading, writing, art, poetry & more importantly, build projects

Self Awareness

Being aware of one's Strengths and Weaknesses becomes an anchor on which child's future is based.

Our awesome features
Create your portfolio

21st century technological revolution has allowed us to start building portfolio from a young age. Build a personal website and keep a track of your life events.

Our awesome features
Build Projects

Unleash your artistic power and build projects that will teach you more about work than anything else.

Our awesome features
Career Path Finder

Serendipity will give each participant a peek into their latent talents and explore possibilities for future career options.

Our awesome features


is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

See your child bring imagination to reality

See your child become more confident

See your child develop Self Awareness

See your child fall in love with themselves


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